adjusters themselves.


After completing his real estate studies at the University of Houston in 1979, B. D. Oliver accepted a management and training position for a firm where he developed a six week new agent training program using both printed and overhead tools. This real estate company became the top sales office for the ERA franchise in all of Houston and surrounding areas in 1980 and 1981. He worked during the down turn in the 80's with R.E.O. and distressed properties where he oversaw the acquisition, rehabilitation, leasing, and sales operations greatly adding to his knowledge of reparability and the cost involved.

Mr. Oliver is not only founder, but Chief Operations Officer and active Director of Catastrophe Training Academy. In the beginning of his adjusting career, he recognized the need for more specialized training and compiled vast amounts of information from various venders and carriers to develop courses that would truly advance the knowledge and abilities of adjusters he taught using real life events from his own endeavors and others who were identified as being tops in the industry.

Like most adjusters, he started off as a trainee doing whatever it takes to be successful which meant continually attending conferences and training sessions. During the past 15 years, he has received insurance accreditations which include: Associate in Claims (AIC) from the Insurance Institute of America, Vale National Property Certification, ALL Farmers, State Farm, Allstate, U.S.A.A., Nationwide, N.F.I.P (RCBAP), TWIA, FWIA, Citizens, Haag Engineering Commercial Roofing Certification
and more.


Catastrophe Training Academy is located in Central Texas in close proximity to College Station. Currently, all training is done either in a field location or in an company office or hotel setting. We also hold in-house training for carriers and independent adjusting firms at the location of their choice. (see Training).t

We make no representations as to the teachability of each enrollee. We cannot make any claims except that any student that satisfactorily completes the workshop will have been exposed to the most important criteria surrounding adjusting industry.o